Panja Sahab and Beyond

A Trio At Large
A routine outing initially planned to explore Gurdwara Panja Sahib went out of control owing to the inclusion of three characters with unique sets of personalities. The trio was at large in Hassan Abdal and whatever surrounded it…

Revisiting Mirza Sahiban

بھـج دانا باد چلئـیے
Mirza Jatt infiltrates into the very den of Sahiban’s household and filches away his love setting course for Danabad. In the heat of the chase by Sahiban’s brothers, she put Mirza at disadvantage hoping a compromise between her lover and her brothers. All of this, setting up in my very own Apna Punjab, the lands of Faisalabad and Jhang …

Neelwan Ponds

Roman Baths of Pakistan
The group explores the wilderness of Potohar, reaching out to a tricky landscape with hanging rocks on one side and gradually sloping thickly vegetated landmass on the other. From a source deep underground, springs flow out accumulating in the square crevices extending down below forming a series of terraced ponds with shiny blue waters.