Our London Family

One Year On … Around two miles west of the incorporated township of Lucan-Biddulph on an embankment beside County Road 20, rest the crumbling structure of what once was a narrow span railway bridge. Referred to as ‘hole in the wall’ by Ron Brown of  “Nobody knows Ontario like Ron Brown” fame, this was the site …

Smuggling whisky, exporting turnips and a town that never existed

Retracing our steps from Lake Erie, past the small and modest communities of south western Ontario, following the route that was once taken by the tracks of Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway. A journey from Port Dover on the shores of Lake Erie to Hickson in the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock.

A Heritage Railway Station – A Vintage General Store

A visit to the farmlands of South Western Ontario to explore the railway heritage of Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway. The story of a village railroad station and a vintage general store in the forgotten hamlets of Otterville and Hawtrey.