Introducing Snippets

Simply put snippets are short stories with pictures. Some time ago I started writing twitter threads with highlights and a link to stories on this blog. These threads subsequently expanded to include other stories for which a detailed write up was not needed. Snippets are those twitter threads recomposed for this website. Don’t have time to read full blogs, checkout snippets for an appetite on history, folklore and more. Check them out below or look for Snippets in categories.

Bonus Content

My readers can now read the Urdu version of a story (where available)
Look for this button on the story itself

(a click on the above button will take my readers to the page with all stories in Urdu category)

The Tomb near Lodhran
Tomb of Sheikh Sadan Shaheed
Hero of Hilli
A Hymn from Rigveda
Vishnu & Prahlada
A Saint in a Borrowed Mausoleum
The grounds of Shaheed Ganj
The Hidden Gurdwara of Chuna Mandi
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