روہـی کی اُس دِلـربا شام میں وہ سـب الاؤ کو گھیـرا ڈالتے تھے اور ایک جوش میں اُن کے ماتھے دمکتے تھے
چہرے پر ایک مسافت کی تھکن سمیٹے مُسکراتی آنکھوں کے ساتـھ سائیں چِمٹا بجاتا تھا اورہم ایک مستی میں بے خود ہوتے تھے

The joy of Milad


An account of celebrating Eid e Milad. The pen of Ashfaq Ahmed, the clarinet of Master Bali, the devotion of Bismillah Khan.

Peer Sahab’s Birthday

Had no idea of Iqbal as Peer Sahab, was made aware of it and inspired to take on the pilgrimage on the night it mattered the most….

A Pardesi


a soul that undertook a travel in order to be fed, sheltered and taught, the wise way…


A story of one blessed night, an account of getting pulled to the devotees of the divine, and the misery of returning empty handed…

On Trail of Raja Gidh

نمی دانم کُجا رفتم
Exploring ‘Raja Gidh’ took us out, to Lawrence Garden, scorching village of Chandra, and the graveyards of Gulberg, the scorching fields of Sheikhupura. Hopelessly floundering among the graves of the past, both marked and unmarked, we were to discover a dead end!

The Ordeal of Natives

اےعُمر! چھوڑدےمیں جاؤں گی
Love for the homeland keeps one continuous pull on the strings of heart. The ordeal, natives have to embrace …


… notes on life
An evening of revelation at Lahore, over a few cups of tea and puffs, at Chai Kafee aur Siasat