Pul Shah Daula

That morning, I had returned to those familiar fields, to explore that bridge on the old alignment of Grand Trunk Road; a bridge frequented by Muhgal Kings, and other Kings who were not Mughal, their royal entourages and battle expeditions; a bridge that had witnessed a Mughal Coronation.

Chajju dey Chaubaray

There was a place that, in meditation and spiritual seeking, outdid even the grand significance of Balkh and Bukhara, and it existed right here, in the city of hearts, the City of Lahore.

Sarwekai Fort

Memoirs from Thal, a travel across Waziristan, and the tales from The Frontier Scouts; a force d’élite…

Kharal vs Berkely

Tomb of Rai Ahmed Nawaz Kharal

Meeting a martyr from the war of independence in 1857. Meeting the Kharal chief in his native Jhamra. Stretching a few miles up ahead to Syyedwala.

The Kharal of Jhamra

Bangla Gogera

From the Scottish Highlands to Mainland Punjab following the essence of freedom. The tale from 1857 War of Independence in West Punjab. The tale of an epic encounter: Kharal vs Berkley

Haveli of Padhana

Haveli at Padhana

The ruins of an ancient haveli in Padhana, at Pakistan – India borders have some tales to unfold…