Sawar Muhammad Hussain

Catching the trail from a seasoned patwari from Gujar Khan, following the remote routes into the rural heart of Potohar, refueling our car from an unorthodox gas station with quite an unorthodox filling mechanism, we eventually knocked at the doorsteps of Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed, Nishan e Haider.

Pul Kanjari to Pind Malkan

… those who continued to fight even after the surrender
… with their names becoming immortal
and their tales, a source of inspiration
the tale of lion-heart and immortal Mahfooz …

Kharal vs Berkely

Tomb of Rai Ahmed Nawaz Kharal

Meeting a martyr from the war of independence in 1857. Meeting the Kharal chief in his native Jhamra. Stretching a few miles up ahead to Syyedwala.

The Kharal of Jhamra

Bangla Gogera

From the Scottish Highlands to Mainland Punjab following the essence of freedom. The tale from 1857 War of Independence in West Punjab. The tale of an epic encounter: Kharal vs Berkley

Sulemanki of Shabbir

Sulemanki Tower

A tale of valour… a tale of sacrifice… a tale of kinship… a tale of friendship…
a visit to Sulemanki Border Outpost to relive the battle actions…

Thatta Khedona

Thatta Khedona

A village from the Punjab hinterland where export quality dolls are made. A tale of finding the possibilities amongst all odds…


Dulmial Cannon

It was World War One Centenary and I decided to explore a village in the Potohar Stretch with a prized possession, a 19th Century Scottish Cannon

Dash onto Jarpal


Revisiting Sialkot front of 1971 War at Jarpal – Bara Pind. A tribute to a fearless Infantry Battalion, 35 Frontier Force Regiment.