On Trail of Raja Gidh

نمی دانم کُجا رفتم
Exploring ‘Raja Gidh’ took us out, to Lawrence Garden, scorching village of Chandra, and the graveyards of Gulberg, the scorching fields of Sheikhupura. Hopelessly floundering among the graves of the past, both marked and unmarked, we were to discover a dead end!

Revisiting Mirza Sahiban

بھـج دانا باد چلئـیے
Mirza Jatt infiltrates into the very den of Sahiban’s household and filches away his love setting course for Danabad. In the heat of the chase by Sahiban’s brothers, she put Mirza at disadvantage hoping a compromise between her lover and her brothers. All of this, setting up in my very own Apna Punjab, the lands of Faisalabad and Jhang …