Ops in the Desert

The first picture is from Gen Musa’s book on #SeptemberWar ‘My Version’
In capturing Munabao we ventured across the border
And buried our brave in the foreign land
Half a century later, I doubt if they exist

I couldn’t locate those graves around Munabao Railway Station on satellite image.
This battlefield saw daring and bold initiatives.
As per Indian accounts PAF & Pak Artillery dominated battlefield from day 1; the game changer.
My unit 14 (Abbasia) Field Regiment Artillery fought here.

From 10 September afternoon 14 Field caused Munabao to paralyze under intense artillery shelling.
It continued throughout the night.
As per Indian accounts it forced a company of 3 Guards and 5 Marhata group to thin out of Munabao under pressure and deploy to the rear.

Pakistan’s 51 Brigade Commander with superior artillery and air support took initiative and had 18 Punjab Regiment attack and capture Munabao by mid-day 11 Sep.
Brig Azhar then had a company of 8 FF with Rangers press further and they got him Rohera on 12 and Panchla on 13 Sep.

A daring Indian move came on 21 Sep south east of Munabao.
2 Companies each of 5 Marhata and 17 Madras with a troop of tanks advanced on Gadra-Khinsar axis and secured Dali.
Dali was captured with minor opposition and Pakistani forces withdrew to Khinsar town in the rear.

21 Sep afternoon saw a bold move from Brig Azhar.
18 Punjab swung around from Munabao due south
Taking an unexpected route they achieved surprise encircling Dali.
Counter attack saw 18 Punjab pressing on Dali both from north & south.
Dali was taken on 22 Sep, with it 180 prisoners.

As per Gen Musa, north of Munabao, opposite Reti Rahim Yar Khan, a small force consisting of Hur Lashkar under guidance of Pir Pagara complemented Pak Army.
They daringly raided and captured several posts in Jaisalmair sector.
Hurs were a great asset in the desert.

To help better understand the actions mentioned in this thread here is a military map for my readers.
(both Lt Gen Mahmud and Capt Amarinder Singh in their books on 1965 War have used same military maps with one difference, colors to depict friendly and enemy forces are reversed)

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