It’s September and with it comes #SeptemberWar A war, that quite interestingly, is equally celebrated by both the adversaries, India and Pakistan Having ‘worn the boots’ for a while I too get tempted to pen a few lines Let’s begin by busting a few myths …

our textbook narrative tells us On 6th of September, 1965 our ‘cunning’ enemy attacked Lahore without a formal declaration of war A war that is glorified by the portrayal that we, a nation with a small army, fought the military might of India, and came out victorious

This is a cosmetic illusion quite distant from facts! Writings on Operation Gibraltar & Conduct of September War from both sides of border elaborate a fight of missed opportunities But for now, away from the charms of Military History & Tactics let’s take on a different narrative

Thetis, picking seashells, says to Achilles If you go to Troy, glory will be yours They’ll write stories about your victories in thousands of years And the world will remember your name But if you go to Troy, you’ll never come back for your glory walks hand-in-hand with your doom

Our stories, dear reader, shall talk of ordinary souls who made the extraordinary choice to go to the front & fight As teams bounded by the cohesiveness of esprit de corps, as individuals leading from the front Those who chose the path of glory and never came back


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