14 Abbasia

At PMA, a few days before passing out our units were announced I got invited on dinner & presented unit shield of 14 Abbasia There on unit emblem was etched “RAN OF KUTCH” My unit saw action in a prelude to #SemptemberWar

It was heartening to see 14 Field Regiment marked in sand dunes near Rahim ki Bazar on a map marking in @capt_amarinder‘s “The Monsoon War” The unit provided fire support and Forward Observation Officers (FOOs) during 18 Punjab and 8 FF attack on Sardar Post on ni 8/9 Apr 1965

Interestingly 18 Punjab lost direction at night and attacked the objective of 8 FF instead In the confusion that followed Brigade Commander called off the attack As per Indian Commander, had the attack persisted for a while Pakistani troops would have captured Sardar Post

Sitara e Jurrat, escape from POW Camp & a Court Martial

A little east of Sardar Post in a renewed attack effort by 6 Brigade we come across an account of valour from the enemy No ni 20/21 Apr raiding party of 6 Punjab commando platoon under Lt Nadir Pervez attacked Point 84

Taking the post by surprise they killed 8 Indian Soldiers, blew up their tents, destroyed their water tank and set fire to their ammunition dump An action that earned Sitara e Jurat for Lt Nadir

there’s more to this story …

With a broken arm into battle Lt Nadir had volunteered for action A night after the above attack On 23 Apr 1965, our valiant officer with his men on a Recce Patrol encountered and bagged 2/Lt Sharma with three men (a recce patrol of 3 Para Battalion) as Prisoners of War (POWs)

Post 65 War Capt Nadir served as Platoon Commander & then Adjutant PMA Maj Nadir joined 71 war in East Pakistan with his unit 6 Punjab and was taken prisoner In Fatehgarh POW camp 45 he attempted a successful prison break with select 6 Punjabis They reached Pakistan via Khatmandu

… there’s even more to it

The officer was tried by a military court in Attock Conspiracy case Court Martialed with 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment he was later released after 5 years we now know him as a seasoned politician Raja Nadir Pervez

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