Defence Day Special

I have frequented Major Aziz Bhatti’s place more than others From Kharian as Staff Officer of an Infantry Brigade From Kakul with my cadets as Platoon Commander PMA From Mangla with a friend Maj Qaisar, during leave pending retirement

Our solo Nishan e Haider from 1965 war is buried in the compound of his home in Ladian, a village near Gujrat He earned glory in vital defence of BRBL Canal Ichhogil Canal for Indians, who despite their magnificent push were denied a crossing across this formidable obstacle

It was timely fire support from Artillery and Air Force and daring delaying actions at Hudiyara & Barki by Infantry It was a tale of missed opportunities and lack of determination on the Indian side They would console themselves with a ‘prize win’ of otherwise insignificant Barki

Attack on Barki and BRBL Canal

From Kasur leads an insignificant road that in 3.5 miles reaches the sleepy town of Khem Karan It then takes a semi circular turn and heads Bhikiwind 4 miles ahead of Khem Karan, a little short of village Cheema Khurd, on the left hand side of the road is shrine of Abdul Hamid

Company Quartermaster Havildar Abdul Hamid of 4 Grenadiers is the Param Vir Chakra of 1965 He is the legendary Tank Buster for Indians, who destroyed multiple tanks contributing to the Pakistani armour fiasco in this area He fell here after being hit by a shell from a Patton tank

In the vicinity of Abdul Hamid’s shrine are villages Bhura Kohna Cheema Khurd and Valtoha This was the very killing ground where Pakistani 1st Armoured Division met its Waterloo and it was at Asal Uttar that Indians built the graveyard of Pakistani tanks and named it Patton Nagar

Paksitan’s 1st Armoured Divsion’s assault onto Khem Karan

#SeptemberWar began with misadventure of Indian attack on to Lahore Pakistan equally complemented with an Armour fiasco near Asal Uttar In Lahore sector this war has nothing to offer in terms of significant gains, both for India and Pakistan

What it does offer are the tales of heroism and bravery from both sides Major Raja Aziz Bhatti NH, PVC of CQMH Abdul Hamid The heroics of 3 Baloch, 3 Jat, 17 Punjab, 4 Sikh, 6 Lancers and 4 Grenadiers, and many more

What we commemorate on 6 September is the bravery and undaunted courage with which the soldiers stood up and fought We remember these fearless souls every year so that their names live on Lest we forget …

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I am a teller of old tales. History, folklore, military, and more. Mostly covering Pakistan, my homeland, but also the Great White North, where I am currently settled.
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