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19 Baloch is called Mother of Special Services Group SSG.
The regiment on its Roll of Honour has men who laid down their lives in Operation Gibraltar in 1965 as part of SSG.
A name on that roll reads: “Capt Nisar Ahmed, SJ | Parent Arm Engineers”

Gibraltar: Pakistan’s botched adventure that lead to #SeptemberWar.
Other than broad planning parameters that too from our adversary we don’t have a documented narrative.
It will be hard to accurately trace Capt Nisar’s actions, but then we come across a letter from officer’s widow.

Shemeem Burney Abbas, Capt Nisar’s widow in a Friday Times Blog brings to light her husband’s last letter delivered after his Shahadat.
Nisar mentions Gulmarg & Pattan, near Srinagar as area of intended operation.
To Shemeem, a loved one got lost to enemy territory without a trace.

Indian accounts tell us of a force named Salahuddin which operated in two columns.
One column headed for Gulmarg, while the second to Khag (this name will pop up again in a bit).
The activities on their merit include some major encounters with Indian forces with heavy casualties.

Shemeem Abbas in 2015 discovered a memoir on Gibraltar penned by an SSG Officer Alamgir with a mention of her husband.
Capt Nisar whom she had hoped to be missing in action all her life was martyred on Aug 13, 1965 and was buried in Village Khag near Srinagar.

A gallant soldier earned Sitara e Jurrat posthumously, his force having borne the brunt had to extricate disintegrated and defeated.
Indians while retaliating to infiltrators decided to press on with a show.
This would bring us to the story of a valiant attack by 2 Sikh.

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