Tank Battles of Chawinda

In the dense maze of Daska, on Sambrial Road is a graveyard called Shaheedan Wala Qabrastan A covered roof compound displays a list of 19 Martyrs of 19 Lancers from 1965 War Inside the room lay buried 10 of these 19 shuhada

10 Graves in 5 rows of 2 each, their headstones painted blood red Their names covered with framed photographs of young exuberant soldiers Buddies in battle, Buddies in afterlife
This is their story
This is a story of 19 Lancers
This is a story of 4th Hodson’s Horse

19 Lancers saw initial action in Kasur – Khem Karan Sector Moved to Sialkot and joined the battlefield of Chawinda on 15th September under 6 Armoured Division Taking the baton from Guides Cavalry, 19 Lancers was in fierce action the very same day

16 Sep 1965
19 Lancers attacked the southern flank of 4 Hodson’s Horse, a fine and battle hardened regiment of Indian 1st Armoured Brigade, guarding Badiana-Chawinda Road
The attack was fiercely contested and repulsed by 4 Horse
19 Lancers hit 7 enemy tanks, lost 6 tanks and 4 men

19 Lancers will see the finest of their actions on 20 Sep At 0430 hours, A Squadron delivered a classic blow to 4 Horse In their advance to Sohdhrekei they bumped into and engaged B squadron 4 Horse off guard and captured 6 Centurion Tanks, two with their engine running

In an IAF raid on 19 Sep morning, B Squadron of 19 Lancers was hit A brave officer Major Masood Akhtar Kiani was injured and later succumbed to his wounds at CMH Rawalpindi. He was awarded Sitara e Jurrat

This brings us to the other valiant Regiment 4th Hodson’s Horse Battle hardened initially winning the Philoura, they would later effectively dominate Badiana – Chawinda road and deny it to 19 Lancers But their finest hour would come on 19 September

In the otherwise failed attack on Chawinda strong hold, 4 Horse would play phenomenal role In early morning hours they would dash into the enemy dominated battlefield, trade some tank rounds and help extricate two companies of 6 Marhata from Chawinda Railway Station

In 20 September’s action by A Squadron 19 Lancers we talked about above, 4 Horse would lose its finest Squadron Commander Major Bhupinder Singh The brave officer’s tank was hit and caught fire He later died at Base Hospital A brave soldier got awarded Maha Veer Chakra

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