Martyr of Burejal

During 2012-14, Swike, a turquoise lake in Potohar wilderness, was one favorite outing of ours After a tiring Trek n Swim session our dining retreat was a modest truck driver hotel Jhal Chakkiyan Ki Daal, serving the delicacy of the same name

Beside our hotel was a signboard Major Shahnawaz Shaheed, Sitara e Jurrat 8 Baloch Abbasia Hero of Burejal First Shaheed of #SeptemberWar (now this is incorrect) but the officer definitely was among the leading elements of Operation GRAND SLAM crossing start line at 0500 on September 1st

8 Baloch & 13 Lancers were part of Brigade Attack on Chhamb They initially met the southern screen positions at Burejal manned by J&K Militia and cleared it Major Shahnawaz commanding a company of 8 Baloch earned Sitara e Jurrat on his battle heroics The officer fell to MG fire

GRAND SLAM began with magnanimous Artillery show on the wee hours of Sep 1 Chhamb was cut off the same evening Jourian fell at 0900 on Sep 5 By 0730 Sep 6 Pakistani Armour reached Jourian – Akhnoor Road With Aknoor as their objective, Pakistani troops would halt short by 14 kms

Here’s a map for the interested readers :

Historians will argue on what caused this unceremonious end to GRAND SLAM that was launched with much fanfare Some would blame it on change of operational command, others to Indian Attacks down south in Sialkot and Lahore but we should afford a credit where it’s due

On the line where Pakistan attack effort halted, Indian troops at Fatwa Ridge held it against all odds and gave a tough fight It was a squadron of 20 Lancers that got the best of attackers and Major Bhaskar Roy was awarded Maha Vir Chakra

Adding a much valued contribution from @vikrambh71 to the thread #IAF in Chhamb

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  1. Great brave son of the soil … May Allah elevate his ranks in Jannah and bless his family with best of all … Ameen

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