Raja Litta Raja Ditta

With Gibraltar infiltration tackled India decided to push further and attack into Bedori Bulge on Cease Fire Line dominating Uri Poonch Road ‘Raja’ was a formidable height South of Bulge An attack had already failed

Lt Col N.N.Khanna had said to Brigade ‘2 Sikh will give you Raja’ On night 5/6 Sep, his unit crossed Forward Assembly Area, the twin trees named Bhai Bhai at 0300 Later into the day, at Bhai Bhai trees, Havildar Ujagar Singh will hand over the lifeless body of the Colonel to BHM

Raja was formidable height, Col Khanna decided to go Three Companys Up Everything that could go wrong went wrong that night Time of attack delayed to almost first light Artillery rounds at maximum range fell short of objective & Assault Engineers carried nothing to clear the wire

30 minutes past 5, with unit completely pinned down under intense fire something extra ordinary happened CO of 2 Sikh broke cover, raised a battle cry and rushed through the wire and mines to the bunker in front, even a splinter wound did not deter him This was turning the tables

Three things happened around 0530 2 Sikh was galvanized by their CO, as if a new spirit infused Taking the lead they pushed upward in small teams from all directions Having seen their Colonel embracing the danger they kept up the attack with utter disregard to personal safety

Col Khanna would later be hit by MG fire and evacuated from battlefield That would not deter assaulting parties form pushing on to the objective With 40 souls perished and 102 wounded they will win Raja at 0710 hrs

Col Khanna died somewhere between Regimental Aid Post and Bhai Bhai Twin Trees He was cremated at Poonch a day later His troops would say “Raja Litta Raja Ditta” In taking Raja Post we sacrificed our King Col Khanna posthumously awarded Maha Vir Chakra

there’s more to the story

The Valiant Captain of Raja

2 Sikh were all praises for a Platoon Commander at Raja Post who kept up an aggressive posture by active appearance on front bunkers during the battle His dead body was discovered and identified him as an officer of the rank of Captain

The valiant Captain along with other dead soldiers were afforded a graceful burial by 2 Sikh near a Ziarat on a track leading from Raja defences Captain Arminder Singh tells us that 2 Sikh War Diary does not record the name of the Captain but mentions he was from Zhob Militia

General Mahmud in his book on 1965 war pens that Raja post was defended by troops from 4 AK There’s no mention of an officer killed in the battle A nameless grave lies around Raja post whom 2 Sikh remembers as a gallant Captain from Pakistan


Pictures in this thread (where otherwise mentioned) come from The Monsoon War Young Officers Reminisce : 1965 India Pakistan War by @capt_amarinder and Lieutenant General Tajinder Shergill, PVSM

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