The Fairy Face of Khade-Makh

پری چہرہ خدِ مَخ


Khademakh - viewed from Kurram River
Khademakh – viewed from Kurram River

Atop Khademakh
Atop Khademakh – good old days


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6 Comments for “The Fairy Face of Khade-Makh”

Abdul Waheed


Imran, something is wrong felt by me. After loading your pic and first page once appear one by one at start and then both disappear and it starts from second page……………


My apologies for the trouble. Fixed the issue.
Thank you for the visit.

Abdul Waheed


Very nice and gorgeous piece of comprehension……………
I really felt travelling along. While reading, I also got reminded two of our travels together; Hassan Abdal’s visit of “Panja Sahib” and mausoleum of a saint on hillocks and the hiking during a lab trip to “Simli Dam”. The pictures of “Khad-e-Makh” and a young fellow are also amusing to readers.
I liked it very much. Thank you for sharing memories of this marvelous journey.
Another point if possible, that when we are on a specific page for example page 1, then if heading “Page1” could be highlighted, it would be nice
Abdul Waheed


thank you sir jee,
your comments are dearly treasured. The uphill ride at Hassan Abdal is indeed a sweet memory and that sweating endeavour on the hills of Simli Dam, how can I ever forget. Thank you for bringing past memories to life.
On the “highlighting of Page titles”, I have changed the tab style to ‘boxed’, hope it improves the experience (janab ka hukm sar aankhon par…)

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