It started with a nom de guerre based on initials in urdu transcript, that gradually got deciphered into an approach towards everyday life. It sort of imitated, rather translated my avocations. I held it dear to myself and in a way wore it as a persona on the www arena. It was recently that I felt the need of a pictorial interpretation of meemainseen and my 9 year old daughter took on the project with an artistic appetite. Amelia designed meemainseen and the artistic version gave it a new dimension, and I thought of sharing the same with my readers.

meemainseen – the original drawing

meemainseen is vibrant as defined by the bright shades of red, green and blue. It blends into a flavor of nostalgia, a longing (the candy stick version of meem), wears a wandering attire with agility and balance (zebra stripes on ain) and the aquamarine touch both at the surface and deep inside (symmetric shades of blue in seen). meemainseen is the shade afforded to me in the vastness of clear skies. The ornamental leaves intimate the aesthetics of thought that get nurtured from the acquired knowledge and wisdom (yellow curves on the four corners). Thank you Amelia, for giving expression to meemainseen. Baba just loves that..

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