Featured stories for the week

Outside Gates of Rohtas
Outside of Rohtas Fort are places lost by history but alive in stories. 'Stories you enjoy listening to, over a cup of tea and a cigarette, under the setting rays of sun.'
The Kharal of Jhamra
From the Scottish Highlands to Mainland Punjab following the essence of freedom. The tale from 1857 War of Independence in West Punjab. The tale of an epic encounter: Kharal vs Berkley
‘Ghora Train’ of Gangapur
An obscured village in Faisalabad. The hidden marvels of engineering, agricultural wonders and a person who when gave in charity, gave like saints.
The First Victoria Cross
A Tale of Three Cities Behold! the portrait with a unique feat of gallantry associated to it, belongs to one Subedar Khudadad Khan. The quest to discover the first Indian (also claimed to be the first South Asian) to have won Victoria Cross led me from Rawalpindi to Mandi Bahauddin and beyond......