The Hidden Gurdwara of Chuna Mandi
Guru's Langar and the traditional Rs.20 offering (ਭੇਟ)
Nankana Sahib to Kartarpur
On the footprints of Guru Nanak. From Nankana Sahab to Kartarpur.
The Battles of 3 Jat and 3 Baloch
Lahore Theater
Nishan e Haider of Maj Aziz Bhatti and Param Vir Chakra of CQMH Abdul Hamid
Nisar of Gibraltar
A missing believed killed story from Operation Gibraltar.
The Tomb at Sasaram
Sher Shah and his Architects
Kharal vs Berkely
Meeting a martyr from the war of independence in 1857. Meeting the Kharal chief in his native Jhamra. Stretching a few miles up ahead to Syyedwala.
A Tale of Three Tiered Tombs
Exploring Bahauddin Zakariya's tomb in Multan and three tiered tradition in South Punjab and Sind
The Mandi Sadiq Ganj Junction
A bustling travel hub from the by-gone days of the British Raj dwells as a present day ghost in the dysfunctional railways of Pakistan...
Kargil – Tales & Bodies …
Remembering a conflict that crossed onto new heights on alien land and its warriors both celebrated and disowned alike.
ابن انشؔاء اور ڈاکٹر ظہیرفتح پوری نے موجودہ دور کو مزاح کا عہد یوسفؔی کہا ہے۔ یوسفؔی صاحب محفلوں میں اکثرکہا کرتے تھے کہ عہدِ یوسفیؔ کا مطلب میں تو یہی سمجھتا ہوں کہ ایسا عہد جس میں ہرایک کی قمیض کا دامن آگے سے پھٹا ہواہے اورہرایک کی حسرت ہے کاش پیچھے سے پھٹا ہوتا ۔
The joy of Milad
An account of celebrating Eid e Milad. The pen of Ashfaq Ahmed, the clarinet of Master Bali, the devotion of Bismillah Khan.
Tilla Jogiyan
A trip to embrace the Jogis of the Kanphata tribe. An adventure to scale Tilla Jogiyan. The day I auctioned myself.
Sarwekai Fort
Memoirs from Thal, a travel across Waziristan, and the tales from The Frontier Scouts; a force d’élite...
Vishnu & Prahlada
A Ballad from History
The lost graves of Munabao
Ops in the Desert